East Ham’s manliest road names revealed

Following a six-month pioneering investigative survey, The East Hammer has documented all of East Ham’s roads, and is now able reveal the manliest road names for the first time.

In ascending order of manliness, they are:

NormanNorman Road: unpretentiously named, with the male noun neatly nestled at the end of a male name.

RomanRoman Road: typically male for all sorts of reasons. It’s the kind of thing you might shout at Steve Redgrave, for example.

ManbroughManbrough Avenue: the Justice for Men and Boys party recently campaigned to change the name of Manbrough Avenue, saying the name was feminist code for “Man be rough”, and inextricably linked with a history of male subjugation at the hands of women. However, our independent research found it was East Ham’s second most manly road name.

MastermanMasterman Road: undoubtedly the manliest named street in East Ham, our survey found that the combination of both master and man in one name was unbeatably manly.

Our research also found that all of East Ham’s manliest road names are in East Ham South. This confirms what was already known anecdotally: that East Ham South is the manliest part of the district, in comparison to East Ham Central’s more feminine side. East Ham Central is home to roads like Ladysmith Avenue, Katherine Road, and East Ham’s most feminine road: Kimberly Avenue.

* This research was generously funded by the UK Department of Culture, Media and Sport. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policy of the UK government.



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