East Ham style guide March 2017

Fashion stop.png

The East Hammer style guide is sponsored by Fashion Stop: where the style never trends, and brought to you by our fashion writer, Gary.

Spring is finally in the air, so pack away your grey winter coat and show some personality!

When it comes to style, showing a bit of yourself needn’t mean spending a fortune. So why not try this spring’s hot tip, and put on some odd socks?

Odd socks are a great way to tell people what to think about you. Check out these odd socks from Fashion Stop (High Street North, East Ham):

Fashion socks

This pair are made from one Calvin Klein sock, and one novelty Mr Man sock. These socks scream “I’m stylish, but I’m fun and remember children’s books” – fab if you’re on a date or in the circus.

It’s hard to go wrong with odd socks, but if you’re ever stuck, remember these two golden rules: 1) wear odd socks of similar materials and texture, and 2) wear 3/4 length trousers or shorter – how else is anyone going to see the real you!?

Once you’ve got that nailed, you’ll be turning heads as you strut your stuff down to High Street North!

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