Were the ancient Egyptians in East Ham?

East ham map2.PNG

Could this map be proof that the ancient Egyptian empire once spread as far west as East Ham? Following extensive historical enquiry, the answer is almost certainly yes.

Until now, it was common consensus that East Ham was first settled by a colony of French lepers in the 18th century. But if one local historian’s interpretation of the above map is correct, it may first have been inhabited over 5,000 years ago.

John Barnes made the groundbreaking discovery whilst reviewing his collection of ordnance survey maps last Sunday. He was preparing to file away a map showing the East Ham and Manor Park area, when he realised the road patterns bore a striking resemblance to an Egyptian bowman.

He couldn’t be sure, and so took his map to the Newham Historical Society. At the society’s laboratory, some of Newham’s most senior historians used the latest techniques to overlay an image of a bowman on to the map. The fit was startling:

Bowman map3.PNG

“When I saw it, I couldn’t believe it”, says John, “it threatens to blow apart everything we thought we knew about East Ham – maybe even Manor Park”.

Experts say that the similarity of the road patterns to the bowman mean it’s beyond the realm of possibility that the likeness is down to chance alone. John explains his theory: “much like the Inca Nazca Lines, it appears the Egyptians were able to create art on a huge scale, which was only possible to view from above. The markings they left behind were subsequently used to establish the road network in East Ham.”.

In light of the news, Newham Council is preparing a legal case against the Egyptian government to claim reparations for high levels of congestion in the borough.

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