Spate of vigilante shop sign corrections causes stir in East Ham

Bristol has one, Ecuador has a group of them, and now East Ham has its very own vigilante pedant.

A mystery individual has taken to the high street to correct shop signs which are causing offence to the English language. The grammarian crusade was first noticed when a restaurant sign on High Street North was corrected:

Lahore lahore.PNG

The phenomenon has since become a phenomenon, with residents spotting the work of the urban vocabulary guerrilla around East Ham and sharing it on social media.

This patriarchal solicitors fell foul of wordial adjustment at the weekend:

Wise manly.PNG

And only last night, the Sports Direct sign was brazenly corrected, in full view of East Ham tube station:


Whilst the efforts of the mystery individual are appreciated by most, some have poked fun at them. In particular, cynics noted the irony of the untouched Bizzy Body shop sign:


What do you think about the mystery vigilante? Is it OK to take grammar, spelling and the like in to your own hands? Have you seen other examples of the underground grammatist's work? Send your comments and photos to The East Hammer now, before its [sic] too late.

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